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4 Pics 1 word downloadable here and other similar games have took 2013 by storm. The basis of the game is Simple, but playing and completing the game is a different story! You are given on your screen 4 Pictures, and some words which in conclusion the answer will contain. Each of the Pictures have something in common, 1 word in common. Can you guess the word? There are countless levels and updates are regular, so when you think you have finished, the next batch comes out. Levels range from Easy to very tricky, so our website may save you from pulling your hair out or kicking your cat. (please don't kick your cat)

We realize our site is a little messy at the moment we have been working on something really big, a more comprehensive tidier list of answers to these popular puzzle games. We plan on updating the answers very soon to give you all of the answers to what's the word, 4 pics 1 word, 4 pics 1 Song, 4 pics 1 movie etc. Please bare with us and if you can't locate the answer you are looking for by using the pictures, please use the intelligent word solver, you simply add the letters you can see on your mobile device in front of you then select the amount of letters a word contains and click solver.

An Example Level of 4 Pics 1 Word In game Play

An example of a 4 pics 1 word level

As you can see above you have a screen with 4 pictures, letters that are scrambled and blank spaces. There are 5 blank spaces so the answer is 5 letters long. The pictures all relate to the word FRUIT, enter the word fruit and hey presto!! You have answered this level.

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